The undeniable VALUE of Consumerism in healthcare

by Mike Antoniades, Founder & CEO, Alfa Healthcare Group, LLC

We have all read articles about how out-of-pocket costs will be the turning point for “consumerism” to become a real movement in healthcare. Makes sense…the more people have to pay from their own pockets, the more they will push for price transparency and prompt them to “shop” for choice when not dealing with an emergency. Consistently, they will push for quality transparency and they will push for better, easier, more convenient access and service. They will push to drive improvements in the system. 

In response, leading organizations typically develop and deploy their own innovative changes and consumers, in time, will vote with their feet…as is always the case in any business. Better, faster, easier and cheaper typically translates into higher demand for your services. And when movement starts it pushes the competition to follow suit or risk being left in the dust. In business, any business, competition is good for the consumer, good for innovation and good for business even if it doesn’t look that way when change is happening. 

The market is changing fast with the number of non-traditional competitors expanding even faster. Never, have there been more options for consumers to access care and so many competitors entering the field of delivery and investing significant resources to build their customer-base.

Over the next few weeks we will breakdown consumerism in healthcare and discuss ways for hospitals, health systems, physician practices and other providers stay on par or get ahead of the competition. Our objective is to help organizations develop a focused tactical strategy and implement practical, real-world solutions to stay ahead of the competition and meet consumer’s high expectations. 

For starters, we define consumerism as an enterprise-wide attitude — bordering obsession — with tactics and options categorized in five core pillars of success: Convenience, Cost, Navigation, Transparency and Service. We then programmatically breakdown each core pillar with our exclusive, methodical process we coined Channels of Consumerism; where each channel represents touch-points and service encounters to impact the consumer experience. 

Our Channels of Consumerism approach was precisely developed to focus your organization to execute your unique consumerism blueprint.

The undeniable VALUE of your consumerism blueprint will strengthen the bridges of TRUST between your organization and the consumers you serve by: 

  • delivering convenient options to access care when consumers want and need it (digitally or in person);

  • providing a comprehensive ecosystem that simplifies navigation of your system continuum, 24x7;

  • enabling transparency for information about your organization, caregivers, navigators;

  • ensuring fantastic, consistent service for all consumers across your entire organization; and

  • breaking the cost-status-quo so that consumer financial expectations are not a complicated puzzle that requires an advanced degree and an interpreter to solve. 

None of this is truly achievable without the leaders driving it. None of this can be attained without a plan. No plan will succeed without focused actions. And of course, without belief that change must be disruptive and uncomfortable we will be no better tomorrow than we are today.

At Alfa Healthcare Group we believe that all is possible, and the time is now.

Next week we will start to break down each of the five core pillars and how we can support your organization’s evaluation, plan development and facilitation of solutions.