What healthcare leaders need… now more than ever

by Mike Antoniades, Founder & CEO, Alfa Healthcare Group, LLC

Healthcare organizations can no longer focus on single-strategies. They also can no longer avoid competing on multiple fronts with what’s quickly becoming a crowded market of non-traditional healthcare providers. The lines between insurers, retailers and traditional providers are becoming less clear than ever before. Buyers and consumers are significantly more involved in their own healthcare and promise to become even more so in the near future. Health Systems and Health Provider Consortiums continue to form and grow across large geographic footprints.

This scaling and integration of healthcare – both horizontal and vertical – brings new management challenges and calls for successful execution of multi-prong and multi-market value-based strategies. Now, More Than Ever is the time for healthcare leaders to deploy a systematic, highly dependable and adaptable operating platform to assure strategy execution success.

Alfa’s Strategy Execution Platform is the solution that connects your organization’s present to its future strategic objectives.

This is the time to bridge and connect your organization through a dependable, proven execution platform that translates high-level strategy into front-line actions that deliver clearly-defined measured outcomes. Give us a call to discuss our strategy execution platform and how we can help you implement a systematic approach to secure your organization’s future success.

I also wanted to share with you a must-read for leaders across any industry. If you can't get the article link to load, follow the link below or copy and paste the URL to read the outstanding HBR article about strategy execution.